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Welcome to 360 Forward

In today’s challenging and uncertain times 360 Forward provides a specialist consultancy service to assist Health and Educational providers on their journey of continuous sustainable improvement.

A family run business that puts the needs of the patient, resident and student at the heart of our service which defines and transforms a person-centred culture.


The 360 Standard Framework

The 360 Standard Framework is a benchmark standard, an assessment framework & a quality improvement system that promotes continuous improvement and practice development to demonstrate that the client experience drives the organisation.


Health and Care

360 Forward offers a comprehensive range of audit, training and consultancy services based on the 360 Standard Framework and the individual needs of the organisation.
360 Forward provides a diagnostic outcomes based framework which enables you to deliver a culture of relationship activated person centred care that:

  • Fully engages with residents/clients, staff and relatives
  • Provides management enablement and encourages collaboration
  • Acts as a barometer for the culture of care, integrating health and social care
  • Drives journey towards excellence with evidence based benchmark standard
  • Reveals not only the WHAT but the HOW to deliver person centred outcomes
  • Provides definable measures at the strategic, operational and practice levels
  • Improves business performance and efficiency

What the Experts say…..

Schools and Charities

Consultant Bursar providing consultancy and Locum Bursar cover for independent schools and educational charities in the Surrey/Sussex area.

  • Provide smooth cover and handover between outgoing and incoming bursar
  • Enable full recruitment and notice period cover to find and induct the right replacement
  • Extra support to manage a major project or provide additional help at a critical time
  • Operational help covering
    • Financial Accounts & Annual Returns
    • Management accounts, budgets & forecasts
    • HR & payroll, including pension & HMRC
    • Office administration including IT
    • Company secretarial
  • Strategic help for Heads and Governors considering and planning for changes in the light of current market conditions in the short and longer term

The 360 Standard Framework is a practical means of defining and transforming care cultures as measurable person centred outcomes.

360 Forward education and training services focus on helping managers and staff to adopt the 360 Standard Framework as a way of achieving dynamic, sustainable person centred cultures in their organisations.

The 360 Standard Framework and accreditation programme is the quality improvement system of choice for culture change. Underpinning all service and practice standards it goes beyond the CQC Standards. It is fundamental to giving confidence to the public and others looking for quality providers.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Finding out where you are in terms of quality is just the start, we all need to improve and maintain our standards.

We help homes plan quality improvement priorities and associated learning programmes at all levels in the organisation and practice. Adopting the 360 SF provides verifiable evidence to demonstrate and independently accredit achievements in meeting the quality elements of contracts with commissioners and obligations to CQC. This saves managers money and time, through efficiency savings, better reputation and reduced staff turnover.

Our unique on-line quality improvement system makes quality monitoring a part of the everyday process.

Letting you understand the compliance position, create Action Plans to address issues and centrally store and distribute your Policy and Procedure documents are just the start.

Collect and store evidence against the CQC guidelines and create up to the minute reports the second you need them.

There are a range of tools that can be used for internal audit e.g. Questionnaires, observation tools, documentary evidence guidance with training.

Helping homes and other care settings to measure quality from the perspective of the cared for person, their families and carers to achieve person centred outcomes. It is also a diagnostic assessment framework that shows care organisations how to establish and maintain person centred cultures. It is the fundamental, modus operandi of every care service

The 360 Standard Framework * is the definitive Standard of excellence for outstanding care from the resident / service user perspective, the staff and the relative

The only tool that can diagnose, measure and prescribe improvements to the culture of care:

The 360 Standard Framework

  • Defines excellence in person-centred care
  • Transforms culture in your health & social care organisation
  • Demonstrates improvement for Service Users, Relatives & Staff
  • Increases profitability & efficiency
  • Brings together quality with education

How does this help you?

  • Find out what people really think of your service
  • Measures quality outcomes and culture within your service
  • Uncovers areas that need improvement
  • Exceed CQC requirements and become outstanding
  • Provides a clear and concise plan to achieve excellence
  • Get immediate on going feedback and on-going on-line monitoring

We want everyone to experience the very best in Relationship Activated Person Centred Care, and to build a pathway to excellence that every service provider can confidently follow to achieve it.


Get up and running in moments. Start with an Audit to identify where you need to focus your efforts.


Implementation is immediate, just follow the process and get on the road to excellence today


Uses your existing systems so there is no need to buy expensive new hardware and software


We’re always there to support you and offer the very best consultative advice when you need it

What The Experts Say About Us…

I welcome the development of the 360 Standard Framework as a means to diagnose ways to develop, support, help, encourage and train staff in care homes as well as facilitating culture change to ensure the delivery of compassionate, humane and evidence based dignified care.

Jackie Morris MB FRCP Consultant Physician, British Geriatrics Society Dignity Champion

Culture change takes time and is at the heart of taking a failing home to be an excellent home. I am impressed by the philosophy and practical application of the 360 Standard Framework and I believe it would be a firm foundation and practice model for homes that need support to improve care for their residents.

Lynne Phair, Independent Consultant Nurse and Expert Witness

360 Standard Framework is a comprehensive way of ensuring and measuring the quality of your care. It is relationship-centred and understands that everyone who is a resident, has a relative or works in a care home plays a part in ensuring the quality of the service. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Martin Green, Chief Executive ECCA

I am a strong advocate of the 360 Standard Framework as a potentially major advance in assessing patient experience. I have had a long passion for a truly patient centric NHS. The 360 Standard Framework is also hugely relevant for hospitals in assessing care of the older person

Dr David Colin-Thomế, Former National Director of Primary Care, Department of Health