360 Framework

What is it?

The 360 Standard Framework ( 360SF) is the definitive assessment framework for excellence in relationship activated care and person centred outcomes- defining and transforming cultures.

It is quality improvement and practice development guidance with a diagnostic assessment structure that shows managers and staff in all health and social care settings, and at all levels of organisation, to measure the quality of what they do from the perspective of the person using their services, their families and carers.

Outcomes based practice development framework for achieving continuous improvement in a developmental way.

What it does:

The framework enables CQC Outstanding Ratings to be achieved. Care providers can use 360SF at all levels to identify performance outcomes and development priorities.

Key Characteristics

  • A Standard of excellence in relationship activated care for person-centred outcomes
  • Measures the culture, organisation and care services against rigorous specified requirements
  • Underpins all other service and practice standards
  • Incorporates evidence from research and empirical studies
  • Diagnostic with measurable outcomes on a continuum
  • Delivers continuous quality improvement and demonstrates measurable change
  • Expresses outcomes from the perspectives of the person using services, relatives and staff
  • Is a catalyst for involvement of person using services, relatives and staff in the change process
  • Analyses both good performance and the reasons for underperformance enabling solutions to be to be identified and implemented
  • Makes quality in care services visible to the user of services and their close relatives

How it works:

The diagnostic framework shows health and social care organisations how to put the person and the heart of care, maintain positive relationship centred cultures in which the person using services experiences good care and support, family members have confidence in the quality of care from the perspective of the cared for person, their families and carers.

By connecting key relationships and creating a positive business culture, an organisation can put the individual’s experience of care at the centre of how they measure success.

360SF is a clearly-signposted route to complete Person Centred Care through the ‘Relationship Triangle’ – with support through to an accreditation programme that gives continuing proof of commitment and progress. There also is on online quality improvement management platform, 360 Cloud to support its implementation *.

There are four sets of inter-related outcome standards – for the user of services, their close family and staff exemplifying relationship activated care and management. The outcome measures of achievement are also referred to as the assessment criteria and indicators of quality.

The 360 Standard Framework:Recognised as an initiative in 2012 for the European Year for Active Ageing, highlighted on the CQC website under PIR section 2014.

The 360 Standard Framework has been accredited by the RCN Centre for Professional Accreditation in 2012

NHS Choices recommended Quality Improvement System

Quality Improvement Accreditationtowards excellence

For care organisations, 360SF is the quality improvement system with an independent accreditation method of choice. By giving clear definition to every aspect of the Relationship Triangle for each individual, through clear analysis, assessment, and measurable outcomes – with clear, continuing and recognised improvement guidance and results.  Accreditation recognises Commitment and Outstanding Progress -The results fundamental to giving confidence to the public and anyone looking for quality providers, the CQC Regulator for evidence of achieving outcomes, CCG and Local Authority commissioners, Safeguarding and Quality Monitoring teams.

The 360 Standard Framework: Summary

Part 1

  • Resident Receiving person centred care
  • Opportunities for social/occupational activity
  • Influencing meals, food and drinks
  • Meeting spiritual and religious needs
  • Resolving concerns and complaints

Part 2

  • Staff Finding the work fulfilling
  • Time to deliver good care
  • Equipped to do the job
  • Feeling valued as a staff member

Part 3

  • Relatives Welcoming ambience of the home
  • Communicating with staff and managers
  • Being fully informed
  • Seeking to resolve concerns/complaints
  • Contributing to the care and wellbeing of the resident

Part 4

  • Management Achieving priority 360 SF quality improvement objectives annually

Success stories

Increased occupancy by seven beds, raising income by £4,8k per week. Another Home reduced costs by £12k per annum.

One Home saved £14k per annum on agency costs following adoption of 360SF.

Another Home achieved savings of between £8k and £12k over a two- year period.

One Home said 360SF helped with their CQC inspection, as the QI initiatives were based on the resident’s experience and had been systematically incorporated into the business plan.